AIS rear cylinder plug

My 06' WR has the Yamaha AIS kit installed. I recently had some trouble with the carb that I thought were symptoms similar to a plugged pilot jet. Bike wouldn't idle and needed half throttle to start etc.etc. but ran fine otherwise. So I just went out to pull the carb and noticed that the rubber plug was missing from where the old AIS system's air induction line "used" to go into the right rear of the cylinder. This is supposed to be plugged, correct?

Also, could that lead to some of the symptoms that I stated above? I found it strange that I would have a plugged pilot jet with only 114 miles on the bike w/ a good oiled filter.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Yep, sounds like a vacuum leak. Buy the TT AIS kit and you won't have to worry about rubber plugs falling off.

LOL. The same thing happened to me with that GYTR kit. That rubber plug fell off. I fabricated a new plug with some odds and ends. When it happened to me, the bike seemed like it was running really lean and then I heard a hissing noise and luckily descovered the plug was missing. Plug that hole immediately. With it open, you're sucking raw, unfiltered air into your cylinder, which could be very bad. That GYTR plug is a joke. If that thing fell off and you dumped your bike into a pile of dusty sand with the engine still running, you could mess it up pretty bad.

Anybody ever safety wire thier grips? The same thing will work for the plug if you have a losing it problem. WR Dave.

It was the plug. Got a pack of 3/16" vacuum plugs. Runs mint now. It was really dusty that day, hope I didn't suck dirt. I put on the IMS tank which really covers that area up. Rode about 10 miles like that...zoiks.

Nice to know. Will zip tie that thing on.

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