Little Help please guys

ok I have just picked up my new WR450F (new but o5 model) my dealer is 100% road bike shop and they just ended up with a cpl of wr's by accident I think. well I wanted it so I did the deal. Now it would not start in the shop so they kept it for a cpl of hours then I took it from them (having lost confidence in them) I struggled to get the bike home (2 miles max) it will not tick over, difficult to start and exhaust has some real big firework party going on!!!

okay I have been reading these threads I have an aftermarket end can and jeting kit on the way, I got it back to my garage and cut airbox r/h side, removed snorkel, can not here till monday any help why it wont idle? :ride: ps I know AIS removal will help deceleration backfires

crappy dealer fuel maybe? or......a bit far fetched for showroom bike but it is possibly a dead plug

hope u didnt get a friday bike man :ride:

I dont know that I would buy a bike that run like that from a dealer :banana:

Give a little more details on exactly what your bike is doing. "fire works" is it just popping on decel or is the exhaust crackling at idle and or is it constant?

Hopefully it just a jetting isssue, maybe pull the carb off and list your jet sizes here so the jetting gurus can see if thats the problem. You will probally want to check your valve clearance also. And get the manuall :ride: Good luck

bike will not idle! even though it warms up. not sure on jets yet as I was waiting for my new jetting and needle kit to arrive tomorrow. I was going to get a bit more 'stuck in' once ive fitted DEP end can and have got the jets to try.

Howdy. If its a european bike (which it almost certainly will be), it should start, idle, run perfectly well apart from a bit of mid range hiccupping when you hold a steady throttle. They don't all seem to do it, mine is so near bang on I haven't bothered to mess with it, but a mate of mine fitted the JD jet kit to his and sorted it right out.

I'd back it if I were you and not accept any of that 'they all do that' cobblers :ride:

One quick thing though, just check to see the carb isn't hanging off.... :banana:


Personally I would not have taken a bike if it did not run.

I have a EURO Spec Bike (I am not in Europe) and though there are minor differences they are not significant - the motors are the same as is the jetting.

The Bike will be jetted lean for UK temps., mine did not run well, and when the dealer started it he had to hold the throttle on. I had to turn the idle RPM way up to keep it running. (Black Knob) The dealer did not know how!!

Riding in the traffic was a nightmare, the bike would not idle well and would run on..I had to let the clutch out to bring down the RPM.

Well, got it home (many months ago) and took the carb OFF: to rejet and install AIS etc. etc. Ran and started great after that...

The biggest diff. for you in the cooler temps will be the #48 Pilot AND an Adjustable fuel screw. GET THESE ASAP and fit. Then adjust the SCREW to 1.5 turns out. I also put in an Iridium plug, not a must but wanted the best..Then Up the idle via the black knob [clockwise] and that will get you running. When warm, adjust idle to "fast" tickover. As high as you can stand 1700-1900. It feels fast but solves idle/start/and "off idle" jetting glitches.

Come back when you have done the mods and we will assist (with advice) on fine tuning.

Hey, if you have not owned a thumper with a FCR carb then my advice is to get use to carb and jetting intimately. Also closely follow the start instructions and never "pump" the throttle during start...too much fuel, easy to flood etc...

Enjoy and good luck :ride:

Did it have a warranty? If you do a bunch of changes and can't her sorted out, the warranty could very likely be voic

Did it have a warranty? If you do a bunch of changes and can't get her sorted out, the warranty could very likely be void

I agree the dealer should get it running right before you rejet it. Seeing it is warranty work you can take it to a different Yamaha dealer and get them to work on it so it will run right.

You really ought to get the bike running right before you do any mods. It should run reasonably well in stock form and if it won't there is a problem you need to deal with. If you go and re-jet it, etc. the dealer is just gonna blame you.

By the way, check the manual and see what the spec is for idle speed. Its pretty fast on these bikes--faster than you would think. Make sure its set correctly.

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