Decision Made - Steering damper

I'm going with the GPR and the D1H triple clamp. I'll let you guys know how I like it. How would you guys set up the handlebar position? I'm 6-3 about 210. I really feel cramped now. I have the stock triple with enduro pro-tapers. Also I'm looking for a "better" air box mud flap, the stock one stinks. 2001 wr426.

Also I gor an e-mail from Dubach, their hot start relocater will be ready later this week, it looks trick.

Anybody racing the lilliputian?




I have the GPR stabilizer & D1H triple clamp on my 250F. I'm 6ft so I got the +3 3clamp bar bracket. Your taller so you may need the +4. Both these raise the bars & sit them a bit forward. Either speak with Randy at GPR or Dave of D1H. I got the Henry Protapers although a lot of guys have got the CR hibend which may be better for you. You'll be happy with the GPR/D1H set up & it is easy to fit. For woods, trails & single tracks, I have my GPR dialled in at 3.5.


Congrats on your purchase, you won't be disappointed. I have my bar position in the #3 on the DH1 triple clamps. They have 4 positions, but I don't think you can use #4 with the GPR. You will have to call Dave @ DH1 to confirm that though. He will be able to help you out.

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