Who has a BAJA-DESIGNS Dual Sport kit on their 05 or 06 WR's

I just done all the free type mods on my machine and while i had it apart i figured it's a good time to install the DS kit. Everything went well untill i found out i need dot4 brake fluid, none locally available..And most importantly, the rear signal lights look terrible...... they are installed 2" up and 2" back ( near the end and over the stock WR450 Sticker) and when i tightened them up they are pointing upwards at a very steep angle ( the angle the fender is) and looks horrible. I have tried to make some shims with flatwashers cut in half but that never worked, im not sure what else to do. Anyone have any ideas???

Use flush mount rear turn signals. :ride:

BD have 2 different styles of flashers, the stem type and a blister or bubble style. You can get either type at most shops and they will wire right in. I have mine mounted at a bit of an upward angle instead of being at a 45 degree angle. You will need to drill your holes into the square section of the fender or at a downward angle if your going in at the sticker area.

I have mine mounted a bit more closely towards the seat at the seat end of where my stickers were located. I angled mine up just for a bit more flex or give when the bike gets laid over.

Put a sticker over the holes you drilled and reposition them in a spot that gives you the look you originally wanted.... the only idea I can think of.

Thanks, the sticker trick may have to be the way to go for me, and i will try to find a better spot to mount them......

I got it figured out, using the same lights in the same locations, take a look at the pic, what do you think? I'm happy with it. I put electric tape around the lights and the fender while turning the lights down as much as i could, then i heated up the rubber mounts with a heat gun and let them cool in the downward position. removed the tape and they came out almowt perfectly even now, Gotta Lov it........


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