FMF Q series quieter exhaust...

This exhaust made quite the impact several months ago. People were jumping on saying it was good and that the sound was lower.

Well, here we are several months later and I am now looking into that exhaust. Want to know if there has been any 'buyer remorse' over this pipe? What are your feelings? Is this still a good purchase? Is it really all that much quieter?

I would really like to make my bike quieter. I currently run an un-corked stock exhaust and it just seems too loud for my tastes.

Any feedback (positive or negative) would be greatly appreciated.



I'm with ya rwhitlock...would love to run quieter but not at the cost of massive power loss. Heard it on an XR250 and it was acceptably quiet but did not get to go into performance talk with the USFS rangers that were riding them. Glad to know my tax dollars are funding aftermarket exhausts though rolleyes.gif.

I've been running one for several months and I like it alot, no power loss, but it does move the power around some. It smooths out the power and takes out some of the sudden hit (just a little) makes it easier to ride in the woods.It's big but it weighs less than a stock pipe.


2000 wr400f ims yz tank, sdg yz seat,gpr stablizer,pro taper bars,p38 ligthning acc pump cover ,acerdis hand guard, fmf power core 4 Q pipe

Here some buyer remorse for ya...

I liked mine fine, it is pricey, but then so is everything. It is very quiet relatively speaking. I got quite a few comments on how quiet my bike was for a 426. It did calm the low to mid range hit but it revved out very well.

Last weekend it fell apart during an off road race however.

The silencer portion is very large, as long as a KTM can. The problem in my case seems to be that the hanger isn’t rigidly mounted like my PC or a stock silencer that have a bracket welded to the can. The FMF uses a mount that just wraps around the body of the silencer and in my case allowed it to rock to and fro a little. Mine worked the four front screws on the can loose a few times, I retightened them but eventually it ripped the mounting holes in the can out of the collector and ruined my day (no sparky, no racing). I can take solace in the fact that I was nowhere near the front at the time (I was getting spanked to be honest).

They probably made it like that so they could use the same part for many different bikes. IMO they should have a rigid mounting point to help support it, especially given how long it extends beyond the last mounting point.

It may be that I’m the only one who will ever break one, I’ve been described as capable of ruining a steel ball with a glass hammer, or something like that.

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