Mikuni or Edelbrock

Do a search on Edelbrock in the DRZ400 forum. There are dyno graphs to prove my point. Just read this: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=326332&highlight=edelbrock

I read the thread, very interesting. If I had access to a dyno, yes, I could probably realize optimum performance from my bike with the stock carb through jetting experimentation. The Edelbrock is my choice because after it is dialed in, I don't have to mess with it any more. The bike runs clean throughout the RPM range, has pretty flat torque characteristics, excellent throttle response, and improved fuel economy. I ride for fun, too old to race, mostly woods trails, dirt and gravel roads, so the Edelbrock works good for me simply because it provides the performance I like and is never a hassle. Different strokes and all that.

hmm after that i might just go with an fcr or possibly both, when i have my bike finished i'll get both one for trails and 1 for racing

Thanks for that link. It validates my non-expert suspicions. I've been battling my Edelbrock (650R) for a year now and never felt it was dialed in as well as my stock carb was after I jetted it properly.

On the other hand, I sank my Edelbrock equipped bike in knee deep mud yesterday trying to make it through an apparently dried out lake bed. I was by myself, had to lay the bike on its side to get the rear wheel free, and then drag it out by the front wheel. Took my about half an hour to get it free. Got the bike upright again and it started on the very first kick. :ride:


Anybody have any advice on a pumper carb for a 2000 XR 400. I have only heard bad stuff about the Edelbroch

Anybody have any advice on a pumper carb for a 2000 XR 400. I have only heard bad stuff about the Edelbroch

The Mikuni TM36 seems to be the best choice (it does have a AP). The FCRs don't fit on the XR4 as well--clearence issues. That's the word anyway...

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