Need some pics..

Im getting ready to order new rims for my 04 450 and i need some ideas. Im ordering just the rim and im gonna install the spokes and use the oem hub, which will be powedercoated. Does anyone have pics of red rims with black hubs on a yammi or black rims with red hubs? I'm pretty hooked on the black rim, but a friend of mine is trying to say red rims would look better any pics would be great.

How about blue rims? :ride:


damn thats making me want to return my blk excel rims i just ordered and buy blue ones. that looks sweet. renthal also makes blue and black sprockets.

I have seen the blue they look great, i dont think i have seen red rims on a bike like mine before though, thats got me thinking but hopefully more pics show up. Thanks guys

Those blue rims are nice. :ride:

Where can I find those for my 99' YZ400?

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