BRP With New Twin Can Zorst & Header

As It Says Above Heres My Pig Wearing A New Remus Twin Can Titanium Zorst and Headers.

Very Easy To Fit and Nicely Made

Quieter at Tickover More Responsive On The Throttle, Definately Feels like its got a little more power. Compaired to Stock Zorst & HRC Insert. It booms like hell now on the throttle :ride::banana:





Where can one purchase those pipes? Do you have a website?

Got Mine Used From eBay

Heres their Website Though REMUS

I must admit- I am lusting after your BRP...........

That is very nice. Looks like the exhaust setup they used to run on the Team Honda Baja bikes :ride:

Thanks For the comments guys i'm certainly very pleased with the result :ride:

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