Steering Dampners - give me the rundown!

Of all the time I have been riding dirt bikes (in Oz) I have never seen a dirtbike with a steering damper on it!!! I've been in enduro's and rallys (up to 600 bikes at a time) and still never seen one! Yet over in the States, they seem to be quite a common thing.

Realistically to fit one here with new tripple clamps etc... I reckon I would be up for a $1000.00AU at least.

How much difference do these things make on say the WR400?? are they something thats easily justified considering the price? Any info would be good. smile.gif

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I went through the same mental gymnastics regarding the damper. Before I got my damper, there was only one person that I ever knew that had one. They're like hens teeth over here!

I looked at all the various models, WER, Scott, Ohlins & GPR & searched high & low for info & rider comments. I picked the GPR on advise from GPR & fellow TTers as well the way it seemed to work.

Yes, I am very happy with the unit & yes I'm glad I spent all that money. It is a safety & comfort devise that will save the front wheel from being whipped from your hands from rocks, tree roots or speed head shake. Over the years I've had several severe injuries & operations from being spat off bikes (not the 250F) that I thought I must invest in something that will assist control.

A lot of the comments about the GPR on this site are a bit out of date as GPR are constantly updating the unit. There is a lot of talk about damping away from centre & damping back to centre. It will send your brain numb if you think about it too much. I think any damper is better than no damper. With the GPR the steering is still light & it all works like normal - until you need it!

The web site for GPR is & they are very helpful. The GPR unit is also available in Aust although they are old model units (& cheaper). The WER you can get from Ballard's although I didn't like that set up. The Scotts & Ohlins (same unit anyway) is available from Steve Cramer Products in Melb & cost about $1100AUD on the damper alone.

Cost wise they are all expensive - to our standards. WER is the cheapest, then GPR & then Scott/Ohlins.

I got the GPR & D1H triple clamps (so I could put Protapers on) ex US direct from GPR. The cost of the damper & 3clamp was $1100AUD including $150AUD in freight (less than a week delivery). The exchange rate used by VISA was a disaster & about 5% worse than what is quoted in the paper/news - so watch this point because it will cost you more money than you think if you import.

Good luck!

Another point to add to Nev-WR is that when you sell your bike be sure and keep your dampner and put it on your next bike. It is an investment that you may only have to make once.

The dealer cost in the states for the GPR "Pro Kit" Top triple clamps, dampner and a set of TAG over size bars is $500.00 US! The things work XLNT. Ridden for 30+ years before getting one ane will NEVER ride with out one again!


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

I use the scott damper on my WR. I find it helps best on high speed sandy track and wash. Also it helps keep the bike in a straight line in sand whoops. It also keeps me out of the hospital. I wouldn't ride without it again. I will keep it and transfer it to my next new bike. Ride safe!


I read about an Australian made steering damper in Dirt Action mag. Details are: MCS, phone (02) 4374 1655 & speak to Mark Cunningham.

I know nothing about this unit (ie- how good it is, cost, value etc). Another option for you that may wokr fine & save you money (?). It looks a bit like the Scott/Ohlins unit. I'd be interested to hear what you find out if you chose to investigate.

Thanks for the info so far. hmmm its still a toughy. Id love to be able to ride a bike with a unit on there. Nev-WR I might give those guys a call. I friend of mine woks at Cramers in Melb, so I will talk to him also.

I do know the feeling of the front tyre hitting a rock and giving you the shakes. Obviously the concept is pretty much the same as the road bike version. **** at the end of the day its only another grand right!

Thanks again. :)


Thats right - its only money after all!!!! That's if you've got plenty that is!!

The thing that swayed me about the stablizer/damper is that it is completely transferable. You can easily take it off your current bike (about 5min) before you sell it & then transfer it to your next bike. All you may need is a new bracket/collar to fit the new bike & this is the only ever going to be about $100AUD.

When riding, its hard to notice a change in the way the bike rides/handles. You think after all that money it would do something different. What it will do is probably save your butt, when you least expect it & most need it, & save you the truama of viewing your bikes undercarriage at speed!

I haven't tried it yet, although they say the biggest noticable differnce is when you ride another bike, the same as your, without a damper or ride your own bike without the damper on.

If your friend works at Steve Cramer then you should get honest feed back (like mine) & he may be able to help you out price wise as well.

Don't forget, every TAC injury claim will still cost you $450 & you get all the pain & suffering for many months. I'm suprised more aren't used & promoted in Australia.

If it reduces the risk - it's got to improve the fun!

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