XR600R weird idle

maybe you carb just needs to be replaced

:ride: I would love to just replace it that easy. To bad I don't have $350 to throw away, I'd buy a flatslide with a pumper. As far as the idle screw, I think it was resolved by stepping down one on the pilot screw.

you can get a mikuni flatslide pumper for 269.99

I would love to and eventually will, but for now it's about $200 more than I can spend. Where did you find that deal anyway?

www.pro-flo.com they got best prices anywhere got a cam for 125 bucks, and the dude is super nice and helpful in fact my carb comes thursday or so

the top crankcase hose is not supposed to be connected to anything. it is supposed to keep your crankcase at atmospheric pressure level. Their should be another hose running towards the ground and the doesnt connect to anything either thats a drain tube.

What is your elevation where you are ? Stock motor ? I have had one hell of a time with mine for almost one year ! I dont ride it now as much as before but I have a 65 pilot and a 160 main and I am at sea level in California.

to get out the hesatation on take off,I never did !! :banana:

So I found for me I run the bike with the chock in the 1/2 way pos. and it is great ! I know taht it makes it ru rich but I have tries all jet combos.intake mani "O" ring,cleaned out the carb countless times,new float :lol: :lol: :lol::p

Then one guy said it is rare but I may have a bad carb and to replace it with the "Eddie". That I am still thinking about, $$$ 210.00 from XRs Only.

When the bike is running,spray WD 40 on the intake and see if the air is moving through the "cracks or seal area".

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