01 426 compression

any help would be greatly appreciated.....

a year and a half ago i had a leakdown test down...came back 98%...mechanic said very very good....first ride of '05 i broke my arm...ended up riding the bike maybe 3 times at the end of hte season....first ride of '06 some moron hits a jump that i rolled (no way he could not have seen me) and landed right on top of me.....the bike wouldnt run...after we got it back to the trucks my buddy noticed the spark plug cap was loose and than it started....heres the thing though....seems like theres no compression.....you can now kick my bike over without using the decomp lever and finding top dead center...runs ok....power seems fine....any ideas??? i want to beleive i dont need a new top end since right before the moron used me as a runway it had compression and you had to use the lever to kick it........

maybe decompression cable got kinked and now theres no free play in it?

Yeah, sounds like an issue with the compression release system. I doubt you would lose compression that fast any other way.

well wwhen you hit the lever you can see it activate and release.....i dont know if its going thru the full length that it should but than again i dont know how far the little lever is supposed to move when you hit the release...i'll check that though..

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