I can't beleive the difference!!!!!!!

I just finished doing the free type mods, ais removal kit and jetting as per the sticky here, put on the promoto billet tailpipe, removed one baffle (not fun) installed the adjustable storm fuel screw and the boyseen cover all at once.... Just got back from a ride, man i can't beleive the difference..... Before I could barely get the bike to wheelie in second gear, now i can do it in third for fun and fourth if i time it just right, and she rips through the gears much faster, I know I have read people saying it made a difference but this is amazing. I definately feel i can go up one tooth on the front sprocket to get more top speed without losing any bottom end torque, or much anyhow....... Just wanted to share the news........... :confused:


Yee Haa :busted:

PS. There is a problem with that :banana: you cant be the leader of the pack cause no one will follow behind the roost master :ride:

True......... I love the fact that it does not backfire now every time i let go of the gas along with the newfound power.

YeeHaw! Congrats man! Have fun with it. :ride:

I know the feeling, its great isn't it :ride:

I'd leave the gearing be though.

All WR owners know that newly found power feeling - shame on Yamaha to keep in under WRaps.

Enjoy :ride:

IMO Those are the best kept secrets in off road riding. All corked up to sell them around the world in areas where there are greenies. I believe that Yamaha had these mods in mind all the time and actually leaked most of them on their own.

1 Tooth on the front, is this the common consensus? None in the rear? +/-

I found that I Trail ride Too fast for second gear and bog third! ???

I'm all modded '06 w/pmb on Stock pipe. My first thought was to change out the rear down to bring in third but a taller front for second gear? ahh I'll just ride it @ 1000 RPM and roost too.

I have to agree with your assessment. I have only done the AIS and ProMotoBillet insert and even that is amazing. Only jetting and fuel screw remains - I expect idle to improve but other than this bike ROCKS as is!

I truly appreciate the inputs of the more experienced guys on this site.

Scott in Montana

yeah, thanks to the guys and info on here for the mod info, if it wasnt for this i can't see how I could have ever been happy with the stock setup.....

I dropped to a 13 T on the front and love it. I don't do much road riding but do ride allot of tight single track.

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