Baja Designs Stator Mod Questions

hey guys, I just finished putting my Dual Sport kit on my bike, well almost finished, I have to do the stator mod and then swap out Voltage Regulators. Has anyone here done the mod themselves, looks easy enough to get the statro out but I was worring about cutting the stock wire out of the connector, they say if you break the wire the whole stator will need to be rewound. I guess it's removing the ac stator and adding itself to the dc one to get all the power now to charge the battery and run the lights . I looks a little tricky, just wondering if anyone here has done it themselves.........

I did the stator myself and was hesitant to try. It really wasnt very difficult once I got going. The wire you need to un-solder doesnt seem to be very fragile. I was moving it around pretty good and no problems. Follow their directions and use a very small cutting wheel to cut the clip.... you'll do fine.

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