Need Help Please

The Clutch actuator lever seal on the left side engine case of my 02 BRP 650 is leaking oil. Is the seal replacable without spliting the cases or is that my only option? I did not disconnect the cable yet or mess with anything. It would not make much sense that the whole bottom end would need to be dissassembled just to take this seal out. If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Adam

No, you don't need to split the cases. You do need to take the clutch cover off and remove the four clutch springs and then remove clutch discs and plates. Then you can remove the lifter shaft (no need to pull it all the way out) and then your shaft on the end of the cable will pull right out. Pop out the seal, put the new seal and shaft back in and button it back up. Shaft seal is about $3.50 and the washer is about $1.50. I'm waiting for parts to fix my leaking seal. I'd measure the clutch discs and examine the basket and pressure plate while you have it apart. You can download the manual over at the Pig Pen for specs.

Thanks alot for the reply. I'll need to get that fixed as it makes a hugh mess.

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