Edelbrock application question

hey guys, i am picking up my new '06 wr 450f tomorrow and was wondering if the edelbrock that i got last summer for my 97 xr600r would swap in if i needed to in a pinch. (xr finally siezed after 9 years). thanks chris

No, Not even close.

I am running an older Edelbrock (no accel pump) on my '00 WR400 that I had previously used on two stock XR600s and an HRC628. I had to reverse the cable wheel to the right side and go to a 20E needle, the bike runs great, big improvement over the stock FCR. I was concerned about the lack of a TPS, but apparently it is not an issue, at least in my case. If the carb will fit into the air boots with no modification, I see no reason why it could not be made to work.

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