IRC 130 80 or 140 80 same as dunlop 120 100

I want to try a IRC M5B.

I always run a 120 100 18, but the IRC's come in the size's 130 80 or 140 80.

which is close to the 120 100

Dumbass,(can I get away with that?) I currenty use the M5B 130/80-18 on my WR. This is a great tire for soft terrain. I have tried all the sizes of the M5B, 110,120,130,140. The 130 is purfect!! The 140 will bog the bike down and all the rest are just too small. If you ride in the desert or in soft terrain you will love this tire!!!! Best of luck! Dan

Irc's run one size small. A 130 IRC equals a 120 Dunlop. Excellent tire that I've used for years. The only rear soft terrain tire I've used that is better and still reasonably priced is the Michelin S-12.

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