HELP -- Please!

I checked my valve clearance yesterday and 3 of them were too tight. Found the shims at my dealer and put it back together – with few trail and errors, had a hard time aligning the punch marks on the cams. And I believe that I have changed the timing to YZ, the exhaust cam is rotated to the left by what appears to be one tooth. After reassembly the bikes starts and appear to be running good. When I checked the manual on page 4-19 there is a diagram of UPPER TIMING CHAIN GUDIE – item # 9 (rectangular piece with 2 holes). I do not remember taking this part off or even seeing it. Is it part of the valve cover gasket??? I did not pay detailed attention to the valve cover so I don’t remember seeing this piece. Now I am worried that I have dropped it in the cylinder.


I think it's a rubber damper attached to the valve cover to dampen any timing chain slap but to be honest I've never paid any attention to it either. Take the cover off and find it for piece of'll sleep better tonight.


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Yes Virginia, the rubber damper is attached to the valve cover. It will come off only if you pry it, so no problem for the kitten. The timing chain tensioner will not allow any chain slap unless the timing chain is really worn or stretched out. It would take lots of operating hours to get to that point.

As for the timing marks if you want it per manual you will have st start over. You can see if you are properly lined up by pushing on the left rubber damper by hand before reassembly to simulate tensioner pressure.

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Thanks, i feel better now. If the alignment is not correct the bike should not run or not run properly??? I started it and it runs perfect.

Rocky, you say you rotated the exhaust cam to the LEFT (Anti clockwis). This would move the punch mark on the exhaust cam to the left ADDING to the number of chain pin links between the punch marks on the intake and exhasut cams.

WR normal is 13 chain link pins, YZ is 12, what you have sounds like 14 ?

Please tell me I'm wrong !


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Sorry, I rotated the exhaust cam clockwise. When on TDC, the Intake cam is at 9, 12, and 3 and the exhaust cam is at almost 10, 1, and 4. The bike starts and idles. the tooth count is 12


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