No one working on a light coil for 06 450!

(I need a light coil!! I cant believe after 7 months, not one place I called had anything in the works for the new YZ 450!!!!!!

Talked with ZIP-TY and they were talking about modifying (machining and welding) the crankcase to accept the 06 WR stator and using a Trail Tech flywheel! That sucks!

Someone needs to step up. Night races are coming up..guess we have to stick to a full battery powere HID system :ride:

I have called E-line, trail tech, and Zip ty and none of them even plan on making one!!!! $300 plus for a battery powered light that only lasts 120 minutes sucks!!!

Call Baja Designs. A friend talked to them a couple weeks ago and they said that they were thinking they should do something as there seems to be enough interest in it. So maybe if more people contact them they will get going on it.


ironic, we finally get a tranny and now we can't get the lights! i hope somebody steps up.

We are going to race Vegas2Reno and need a setup....i figured somebody would of had one. I'll start hassling them too!

I can't believe nobody has shown interest in this. I mean, I just threw $500 to E-Line for their coil. It seems that the profit margin would be huge!

You might just have to hold out for the inevitable WR update. Hopefully the WR coil setup will be a bolt on like the 400/426 models.


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