Edlebrock Suppliers

Hi Can anyone please recommend a US supplier who would ship an Edelbrock to my friend in Dallas who will then forward it to the UK as most places in the US will not ship to me direct. I was going to have it delivered to Dallas then UPS it to the UK. Or even better ship direct.

Unfortunately Edelbrocks here are rareer than rocking horse doings!

Which model is best to go for my 650R and what extra bits would be useful ie needles etc?

Many thanks

Check this site www.barnumspro.com

It may be possible that you could buy direct from Edelbrock, 1-877-888-7504. The carb model number for the 650R is 3115.

Many Thanks

For the XR650R, you'll need Edelbrock's kit PN# 3115 just as creeky said. It's a complete bolt on kit that comes with the next size larger and the next size smaller needles in addition to coming with new throttle cables, a new throttle tube, the adjuster tool, instructions, etc.

Got the kit ordered from Barnumspro no idea how long it'll take to get here i'll report on the install as soon as i get it :banana:

if you guys in the US think that an Edelbrock is expensive the cheapest I can get one here in the UK is £485.00 which is $912.82 :ride: and thats before they add shipping!!

Hence the reason i went for a US supplier :busted:

That's who I got mine from - though I got a slightly different model for my 2006 XRL. It took about 2 weeks to get it to Galveston and was right at $420 total. I can't say enough how happy I am with it versus the POS vacuum carb that comes on the XRL. Effortless install (less than 45 minutes taking my time). A couple of rides and adjustments using the included tool got me to crisp acceleration I was missing. Also got another 5 mph (per the speedo) on the top end. :ride:

If I had to pay over twice as much, I probably would have suffered with the stock carb with the mods (Dave's and then some).

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