2001 Wr426

I was wondering if 2600 on this bike is a good deal. Also if there is any problems with this year? Thanks!

It sounds like a good deal if it's in good shape. I paid about 3000 for mine last year.

It doesnt run right. I think its just the gas though its been sitten for a while.

I just bought mine this past weekend for $4,000. Of course, that was here in SoCal and it is also plated with a BD kit. :ride:

I'd say you have some haggling room if it doesn't start though...it could be anything, right? I'd definitely check it over with a fine tooth comb before you roll it into your truck. Maybe ask the seller if you can take it somewhere you mutually agree on to have it diagnosed, or negotiate the cost of a diagnosis into the selling price.

Good luck!


It should be in great condition with low milage. Not running right from the get go is bad bussiness unless you think you know what the problem is. But definatly should be able to drop down the price sence its not running

As far as problems go with the 2001 wr426, very few. I have heard about maybe a weak 5 th gear that has gone out on a couple :banana:

One of my biggest complaints is that it is heavy. Even though I can still out run anything!! :busted: If you get it running right, the 426 is one bad ass bike :ride:

I have this bike 2001 WR426, love it , got it from a dealer $3250, but for the life of me cannot get it dual sported because the 3 in the 8th of the VIN. Very pissed about California laws in the Vin makes no sense to me and also sometimes hard to start.

Does anyone know what state would be easiest for registration , Nevada, Az., Tennessee, or Oregon. I have aquantaines, but the easiest for me is Tn., because my family. What would I have to do to DS it? Title, Inspection, Signature, Etc????? It has been converted, but no plate.

Thanx for the help, desperately seeking a plate,

Eric "edubo7" noob

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