'06 WR450 Fork Seal Leaking - Bummer!!

I bought the bike brand new in Jan. and the right fork seal is already leaking!! :ride: I do A LOT of rock climbing and fast woods riding.....could this be the culprit? Or are the stock seals just junk? A buddy told me to get some 35mm film and run it up in the forks to clean out any dirt and it should stop leaking. Anybody ever heard of this?

yes, do it before it gets worse. if you don't have any film a good bike shop should have a cheap tool called seal mate that works a little better. it's just thin plastic with a hook on the end to pull out the dirt. about $3-4. either one should do the trick unless your seal is completely blown. :ride:

When you run the film (or tool) around the seal lip, pull the lip slightly away from the fork tube and allow a little fork oil to bleed out, this will flush away any crud that might have collected.

Mine started leaking 2 months after I got it and the film worked.

Awesome!! I honestly thought it sounded too weird to be true but I guess I'm wrong. I'll give it at shot and hope it works. Thanks!!

The stock slide and piston metals have problems with the Teflon coming off and getting stuck in the seals causing leaks. That is what happened with my right fork with only 150 miles on it. I tried the film trick and it worked for a little while. Then started leaking again after more Teflon got stuck in the seal. If you need to replace the seals make sure to also replace the piston and slide metals. I believe the manual suggests this.

also, get some fork supports for when you have it strapped to the truck.

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