Gearing Question

I last rode 5 miles of hell and geared the front down one tooth for better crawling speeds.....I'm going to the dunes this weekend. Should I keep the 1 tooth smaller front sprocket or go back to stock? :ride:

Any opinions on which gearing is better in sand?

I've got the same question. I want to put a paddle tire on my bike and hit the dunes in Glamis. What are the other So Cal dune riders doing? I mostly ride in the desert so the stock gearing works fine for me. Any input would be great...



I run a 14/48 in the dunes and it does just fine. But on the big hills like Olds and Pattent I would rather have a 14/52 so I can use 4th gear instead of 3rd.

Punisher660 - I would put the larger coutershaft sproket back on.

but doesn't the smaller sprocket up front have the same effect as going larger in the rear?

What is stock.....I thought it was 14 and I went down to a 13

It sounds like you preferred the lower gearing which is how it is geared now

I guess I will bring the other with me and change it out there if need be :ride:

For sand mountain, I run 13-49 with a ten-paddle and it does really good. I've even beat a few crf450's with my otherwise stock 05.

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