Intro - 06 WR450F coming home tonight !!

Hi all. Great forum you have here. I am picking up my 06 WR450F on the way home from work tonight. Can't wait !!! I am upgrading from my 1991 YZ250WR. Quite a change ,eh. I have been a Yamaha guy pretty much all my life, going back to Hurricane Hannah, and the King Kenny Roberts.

I am turning 40 this year so the kick stand and electric starter are going to be welcome to these weary bones !!! LOL. :ride:

My son has a TTR90 since 2002. It will be fun to cruz our 4 strokes together.

Anyways a lot of great tips and mods in here. I look forward to hanging around !!! See Ya.

Congrats! I just got my '04 WR450 a few days ago. I cant wait to hit the dirt with it. Where do you normally ride? (I see you are in California).


Congrats! I just got my 06 wr450 a week and a half ago. They are lots of fun after the free mods. I just wish is wasn't so damn hot allready. Riding in 100 degree desert heat sucks :ride:

Welcome to another Cali rider :ride::banana:

yes man welcome, I only had mine a couple of weeks also, but after modding it, I love it so much........

Wow !!! I did the Yamaha AIS removal kit, with the other suggested mods, and what difference (riding up and down the street only). I CAN NOT WAIT to take this thing out. I will more than likely hitting El Mirage this weekend. If anyone wants to come by and share a beer, yer more than welcome. We will be flying some model rockets also.

Thumper Bloke, we like to ride El Mirage (the kids like the lakebed), Stoddard Valley (Slash X baby !!!), and Lake Arrowhead (Pinnacles to Deep Creek). All So Cal riding areas.

Congrads on the new bike, I've had my 06 WR450 for about 3 months and love it.

AIS kit & Jets were first I am now working on the conversion kit to make it street legal.

I'm sure you will want the conversion kit next...

What conversion kit are you using?

I used the baja-designs complete kit, not cheap but a nice kit.

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