xr650r engine popping on decelration

Hello All, I'm buying a 2000 Honda Xr650r converted for the street. I took the bike for a test ride the other day but have only had 2 strokes all my life so didnt know what to expect. Awesome low end and all around power is what I found. My only concern is the deceleration popping. The best way to descibe this is when you let off the gas going down hill the engine pops, bike becomes alittle jerky popping forward. I've experienced this before with a KX500 I had and I'm sure this isnt that noticable in the woods but on road it was annoying. Is this a jetting problem or is this normal for a xr650r. The owner said its been jetted according to the Honda Hop-up and the smog stuff removed. It has a slip on White Bros muffler. I'd like to know what I'm getting into. I dont mind alittle find tuning but dont want to get into a major expense. Is this normal or problems? I'm definately sold on the xr650r as a dual sport!!!

Thanks! I'm new to this site and tried doing a search but didnt come up with any answers. Thanks for taking the time to send me those other posts. I'm gonna buy this bike and work it out!

Actually bought a different 2000 xr650r. This bike does have some engine popping but not like the other I asked about. There is definately some issues where the bike actually lunges forward as it is popping like an internal backfire or something. Anyway this other bike is smooth in comparision.

well if it moves forward when it pops sounds like fuel pooling up. any other i wouldnt wory too much about

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