my 02 yz 426f fouls the plug easy.

how can i fix it? it fouls it if you start it and let it idle for like five minutes, and if you lay it over and let it sit for a minute to. so i am open to any suggestions.

Well I wouldn't let it idle for 5 minutes to start with... your going to overheat the poor thing. Make sure you shut your fuel off when your not riding and even drain the float bowl if its going to sit a few days. As for starting after a stall, just pull the decomp lever and kick it over 20 times to clear the motor out, just make sure you have your thumb on the kill switch. Then pull the hot start and try to re-start, you should be off. Also make sure your not twisting the throttle while your kicking it over because that will flood the bike out real fast. If this don't help you out then maybe you need to check your jetting and needle clip position.

Yea you might wanna check your jets

I would take a look at the intake valves, I bet your center intake valve is tight.

whats the plus look like when u pull it out, this is the first step in fixing your problem, also ive laid down my 04 yz450 and it usually fires right back up? i rarley ever have to use the decompression level.only prob ive had is moron friends twisting the throttle and flooding it, takes so long to start after they have been flooded this may be your prob.

Sounds like your float bowl may be out of adjustment, set too high. What setting is your air/fuel screw set at and what size pilot jet are you running. Your bike shouldn't flood so easily.

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