1983 Cr500r

My friends 500 runs strong, but idles at 30 MPH Any how I havent had a chance really to mess with carb, but he did turn the idle down once and it wouldnt idle.

It kinda sounds like this "wing!...wing!...wing!....wing!"

What is it? reed valve, carberator, air leak, or something else?

Also he hasnt checked the mixture screw and he said when he pulled the plug it looked new or normal.

Any trouble shooting ideas would be appreciated :ride:

You have a couple of problems, first and most importantly there never was a 83 cr500. Now if it is indeed a cr500 it has to be a different year. So that means it has a keihn pj carb. If it has the symptoms that you say it has its running lean on the idle circuit. Check the air screw, it should be set at 1.5 to 2 turns out. That is optimum settings. Pull the choke. Does it idle better? If so your lean on the idle circuit. If that is the case icrease pilot jet sizes until it quites doing the ring ding idle. Should be with in 2 sizes to spec. The same trouble shooting will work on a mikuni, if by chance it is a 480??

1984-2001 Cr500

1982-1983 Cr480

1981 Cr450

Thanks for the info guys, Will check air screw and air leaks.

One other question, Does the reed valve wear out and if so what are the symptoms?

Yes they wear out. They cause hard starting, power loss and just shitty performance.

If your bike is a 1983 CR480 you can tell because the kick starter is on the left side. If it is on the right side you have an 84 CR500, whiched pinged like crazy. Your reed valves can crack and break over time. If they are stock you will notice a big difference! I bought a new CR480 in 83 and rode it for three years. It was a great bike, but the biggest improvement you can make is to the suspension.

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