Tank bolt sleeve

Hi All,

I have a 06 WR450 and in my wisdom I snapped the right hand side bolt off that holds the tank in place in the sleeve. I have managed to get the rest of the bolt out but now have to retap the sleeve. The question I have is does this part of the frame have oil in it, as I need to drill the tank bolt sleeve a little deeper for the tap to work correctly and am concerned that if I drill into the frame I will drill into the oil reservoir.





That portion of the frame does not hold any oil. Your oil tank is on the front portion frame, directly below your radiators. Follow the frame down from the handlebars and you will run into the oil tank. You will also see two oil line running into the tank. Please don't take my word for it though.....double check to see if that top tube has any oil lines running to it. I've torn the tank off of my 06 WR450 several times and have never seen any. Anyone else have some input? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for the info,

In the meantime I called some of the Yamaha dealers and apparently they don't know either. I did manage to solve the problem without drilling into the frame (just used a bigger shorter tap).

Would be interested to know the answer tho.


:ride: Nurooi

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