2004 WR450 w/only 37 miles? true or B.S.?

37 or not, it looks dam new!!!!!

i would guess under 200 at any rate!

I checked it out and am calling BS. Both the tires have all the whiskers worn off. 37 miles wouldn't wear them down like that. Second he said he contacted the California DMV and they told him all you need is a mirror and a horn to make it street legal. I would love to know which DMV that is. Plating a dirt bike in CA is a very involved process. I would hate to see someone buy it thinking they were going to plate it that easy. Still a pretty clean looking bike though..

I could not tell if the "Whiskers" were worn off or not, but this guy was pretty anal in his description, so he is probably anal about all of his stuff. The best thing to do is get ahold of the local dealer where he lives and schedule an appointment for them to look it over. Talk to the owner and tell him you will pay for the inspection if her will take it there, then if you decide you don't want it you are only out $120 bucks, and he gets to keep a copy of the inspection to show other prospective buyers. That is what I would do.

Pretty clean, not even boot scuff marks on the frame above the pegs. It'll get those pretty quick.

Take the bike on the 37mile rocky ride and youll see what happens to tyres and plastics.

but..reminds me of a guy, who would sell a shampoo to bold person.

nevetheless, if bike is OK, and also the price, why not.

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