2004 WR450 w/only 37 miles? true or B.S.?

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It looks pretty darn clean. No paint wear on the pegs, frame etc.

But who knows, the bike in the pictures may not be the one he's selling or maybe he's stolen parts out of the motor and swapped them with an older bike.

Then again, my dealer here still has '05s on the floor.

Read his lengthy description.

I e-mailed him and asked him if the bike really only had 37 mile or was that just what it said on the resettable odometer, and this is what he replied - quote- "How am I supposed to know that? Check out the photos and you tell me? I bought it with those miles showing, therefore I am selling it with the same." -close quote.

bike looks pretty clean to me t has no boot wear on frame and such I would like to think it is true

Where can I buy one of those 6 speed YZ's he speak's of :ride:

Looking at the tires, it still has the little 'nipples' on them. It is damn clean though......if not 37 miles, it is definitely under 200. Mine looked almost as clean and it supposedly had 300 miles on it.

Do the miles really matter though on a bike that clean? It obviously hasn't been ridden much.

I am always a little skepticle of people who bought a bike from someone and then turn around and sell it imediately after like this guy is claiming. Why is he selling it without riding it? Why did he buy it in the first place? Does he even ride, because I cannot buy a bike and not ride it immediately!!! I even was excited to ride my Girlfriends TT-R230 when she got it. That makes me suspicious. I would have a local dealer check it out before you buy it.

The only thing I see wrong is water in overflow tank, I would think it should be green?

I just bought an 04 that had 135 on the odo and it was also in perfect cond I got it for 3800.00. no boot scratches origional tires not one mark on it so it is possible!

there is no evidence of wear anywhere on the bike, and that kind of stuff shows up quickly. So even if it doesnt have EXACTLY 37 miles on, it sure as hell doesnt have MANY miles.

I however bought a used 2004 wr450 that was nearly that clean quite a few months back for 4000 even.

possibly our 05 only has 127 on it.

thats like a bike from carmichael that says "never been raced."

I watched that bike closely before I bought mine. I do think it's a legitimate deal. Look at his other auctions and you'll see he does it quite a bit. I'm sure he picked that bike up for a sweet price and is just flipping it to make a grand or so. He seems to do it all the time, judging by his previous auction feedback.

FWIW, I ended up with a street-legal, low mileage 01 426 for $4,000.


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