Eureka ..Grafics peeling fix.

My 06 LE radiator shroud graphics were starting to peel from the bottom up about 3 - 4 inches. I have tried an adhesive spray and super glue on an oler bike but the result was crapp. After talking to a guy over the weekend how he uses a short blast of clear spray paint instead of wire or glue on his grips.

Eureka I used a light spray on the under side of the graphics and a light spray on the plastic. It laid down smooth and looks great again.

I hate my grips rolling even alittle bit. So I'll probably do the light spray of clear for glue before this weekend.

Ya, a lot of riders do use clear spray paint. I hear it works great. In fact, the May issue of Dirt Bike has an article on doing exactly that.

Cut off the grip. Clean off the handle. Spray the handle all the way around and let it dry. Spray the inside of the grip and let it dry. Then spray the grip again and wait about 15 seconds and slide it on and in 60minutes it's ridable. Do the same for both sides. Just be a little bit more careful with the throttle side.

It is the best way to do grips and graphics! :ride:

What kind of clear spray paint did you use? And i know how all about trying to use different glu on it because it always turns out bad. So if this works sweet and good job finding it out.

Krylon Clear spray paint :ride:

I've never tied it on a dirtbike but rubber cement works GREAT on bicycle grips and its a heck of a lot cheaper than the special grip glue stuff.

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