foot pegs?

Hey, I have an 06 yz450. I wear a size 13 boot and it seems that it is kinda tuff to get my foot in to shift. I can do it but I was wondering if anyone knew of any pegs that are moved back slightly to offer more room for my foot... any help would be nice.



YES, you want the Fastway F4 footpegs. They can be mounted in two positions, one stock, and one lower and back. if you are tall, use these and tall risers and bars and the bike will fit you great.

I also have Bozo feet and have the F4s. I swear by them. I also adjusted my shifter up a couple notches to gain some more clearance!

i wear 12s and i actually dont have a problem. Wow one size short. :ride::banana::busted::smirk:

i run fastway f3's and a hammerhead offset shifter

i have fastaways on my 450, not sure which model but they are great, and are about 2 times the size of the small factory ones.i would reccomend. i had prob of my foot getting caught the first day i rode my 450, i just had to get used to haveing my foot in a dif position. i duno...... good luck man.

I put on IMS Pro Series and haven't had a problem. They also make them in the lowered model you might try those. Move the shifter up as far as you can.

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