Header Pipe

Are there any header pipes that work with the stock muffler? I have spent $$ on Baja insert and don't want to buy the complete system. After market header pipe eliminates oil filter change pain.


I beleive the FMF power bomb works with the stock silencer. It is an option you can purchase seperately from their silencer. I would have to run home at lunch to see if this is true, but from memory is it very close. You can ask the sales guys, but I'll try to get you a better answer later today or tomorrow.


I'm not sure about the 426, but the 250f powerbomb doesn't fit the stock silencer. So I am guessing the 426 might be the same thing.

I'm in the same boat as you Rocky. I bought a White Bros. E-series tapered head pipe and found out it won't fix my stock exhaust. The only tapered header pipe I know of that fits the stock exhaust was made by DMC and distributed be Advantage Dist. The phone number I have for Advantage in no longer in service.

Tom Rowan at Fineline Suspension couldn't located one for me.

Anyone out there know where to find the DMC head pipe??


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A little deductive reasoning is in order here. Can you buy an FMF Silencer and not replace the stock header? Yes.

I don't purport to know what the deal is on a 250F but speaking strictly about 400's and 426's the FMF powerbomb will fit the stock exhaust no problem. And yes you can remove your oil filter without loosening the header.


Zak, are you interested in selling or trading for the WB headpipe?

I have been thinking about buying one to go with my WB Pro-Meg.

E-mail me if you want to make a deal.



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