Need help wheal stuff


i'm from portugal so let me begin by apologise for my english

I need to take the rollers (I think it's the name) from the wheel center to put a new ones but don't know how to do it!

Can u guys help?


Not sure if these have a snap ring or not, but check on the outside of the hub for a retainer and remove, then use a flat punch and hammer drive them out from the inside towards the outside, alternating from one side of the bearing to the other, be sure you are on the bearing race, tap it lightly at first, then harder if needed. This should drive the seal and bearing right out.


I would say your english is better than a lot of people living here in the U.S. I believe the parts you are looking to change are called BEARINGs. We call the center section the HUB Do a search for changing them and you should find a wealth of knowledge. I would have copied some over for you, but the search function is disabled due to high traffic right now.


Rear wheel has a retaining snap ring, remove seal, then remove ring, then tap bearing out. front wheel does not have a snap ring

Thanks a lot guys tomorow gonna put the newly aquired knowlege in action

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