Buying a extra rim. What size is best??WR 450 2003

I am going to get a extra rim to so I can have one that is a motorcross tread and another with A dual sport tire and sprocket for road ridding. I see there is 18 and 19 inch and also two different sizes for how wide it is. I need to buy two knobies a summer because I road ride alot when I am around home. When I go up north in Michigan and ride with the guys in the mud and sand my tire is usualy almost bald. This will pay for itself in time by not buying tires and the pain of changing them in a few years.


well, the motocross bike come with a 19 inch rim standard. and the WR's come with an 18. The 18 will give you more beef in the tire to protect the rims from rocks and whatnot...and the 19 will give less tire mass, and less rotational mass, giving a snappier throttle response. If you are looking at Motard tires, see what sizes they are available in, and go from there.

your choice really.

I have two 18 inch wheels. One for my offroad knobby, and one for my sand paddle.

How about the with????/ Is wider better???

Another thing to keep in mind is tire choices. There seem to be more tire choices available in 19" rims than in 18". Most of the really aggressive Pirellis are 19".

I currently am using the Pirelli Scorpion Pros (DOT and FIM approved) tires on my WR450. The front tire is great - almost too great - the sidewall bite tends to walk up ruts really easily. The rear though is a little lacking. Its good on the trails, but kinda sucks in the really really sloppy stuff. Its the price you pay for DOT approved tires.

When I looked at some other Pirelli tires they make for motocross, most of the ones I thought were the most aggressive were only available in 19".


as far as i know, YZ and WR rear RIMS only come in ONE size.

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