horn catastrophe (nearly)

So I'm riding along a narrow jeep trail at a pretty good clip - winding around the junipers, white stripes rockin on the ipod - when all of a sudden I can't turn! My front end is completely locked up! :banana: I struggle a little and it frees up just in time, and then locks up again - keep in mind this feels like forever but can't be more than about 2 or 3 seconds. I screech to a halt and swear because I can't think of what possibly could have happend and how am I going to get this :ride: thing back to the car if i can't steer it. My buddy comes along, I shout what happened, he looks around, and sees that the horn (my WR is plated) had come off and wedged in my upper forks in such a way that I couldn't move it.

Anyway, I nearly shat myself. I'm not asking for advice, I just thought I'd share.

ok, well, re-install the horn, and use better zip-ties this time.

but ya, that sounds scary.

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