Haward Huge

I read on another thread that you basically had the WR gearset installed in your YZ. You said the set ran you $170? What was the labor cost involved or did you do it yourself? Did you just do it as an upgrade or did your tranny go out? Definately keep me informed on how you like it!! If my tranny ever goes out I will be checking into have that done also. I would love to get that extra top end of the WR 5th gear and I definately could use that low 1st. on some of the rocky hill climbs I find myself clutching my way through. Can you actually just start in 2nd like it's a normal 1st basically making your trans esentially a 4 speed with a granny 1st?



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Khris, I had my 99 yz 400 motor rebuilt,new everything. While it was apart the guy rebuilding the motor found second gear to be worn out, the hard facing on the gear was worn thru. So when he split the cases the optional gearing was a no brainer. 170 dollars for the gearsets since he had it apart no extra charge to reinstall the new gears. I am truly excited about still having close ratio 2,3,and 4th since thats where we are drag racing from corner to corner with. With taller fifth I will probably have to wind it out in fourth a bit before picking up fifth. What a small price to pay for top end speed. I know the guys are goimg to give me some crap about wearing out second gear but thats ok i'll just fire back at them when they discover that their first gear is worn down to the nub. grin.gif I should be breaking in the new motor next week and will post the results of the ultimate YZ.huge

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