need 99/00/01 WR tank graphics

hi there, does anyone out there have a set of 2000 WR400 tank graphics or 01 i beleive are the same tank? i bought a wR tank for my yz 400 but the graphics are in bad shape just want to throw a new set on, anything really.....the rest of my graphics on my yz are ENJOY mfg blue and white flames so anything matching that would be cool ...but don't really care

i actualy have two sets of tank graphics sitting in my shed they might be like yz 426 graphics im not even sure what they are they are brand but don't match up to the wr tank i have they are for a yz or a wr just not sure what model and what year.........but def not yz400 or wr400 or wr426 maybe they are for two stroke hmmm maybe i'll take a pic and post them and someone can tell me .........

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