Freight Train Headlight replacement XR650L

One of the mods I am thinking of doing to my XR650L is removing the freight train headlight and the stock tail-light. Any suggestions on kits? I want the best bang for the buck. I did not see one for the 650L on Baja Designs. Goingto check out XR's only now...

Dude Get The Ufo Oregon Headlight With Built In Turnsignals, Looks Really Cool And I Found Small And Large Xr Taillights On, I Just Ordered The Small Taillight, Havent Got It Yet And Cant Wait

R these plug n play installations, that is make wiring connections and bolt on?

I would imagine that theres not much to the headlight, or taillight, dont kow if its plug and play? if its not its only a couple of simple wire connections you can do with wire crimpers and 50 cents worth of connectors

what I emant by plug n play is if the new headlight comes with female / male connectors that plug right back into your OEM wiring.


I got rid of my TV set in the rear and the sub frame with a,Acerbis Tail light.

Light and cheap But I dont know how many lbs. or ozs. I could save with the head light and cluster I have a GPS and mount so I'm going to work on losing the spedo etc.

UFO has a nice rear fender with turn signals but I dont think its DOT

but in where I live in Colorado I dont think anybody cares?


Don't know about the headlight but I went with a CEMOTO rear fender and a Baja Designs LED tail light. The BD tail light for a XR600R will work for the XRL as does the fender. The bad news is getting the CEMOTO fender from XR's only took over two months - I'm done with that place. I originally used a Maier rear fender but I had to modify it so you could see the tail light and it is a slightly noticeable different color red than the front stock fender. Also, it's taller and makes bolting the seat back on a little tough. The only drawback to the CEMOTO is it's almost a flat color and not glossy like the stock front fender. It's shaped similar to a CR rear fender. I used some flush mount turn signals I got from a local shop but I'm sure you can order on-line as well. If you search elsewhere on this forum, other have recommendations about different products. You can get the tail light, Maier fender, and blinkers from BD. XR's only sells the same tail light and the CEMOTO fender if you want to wait for it. Both eliminate the stock rear mounting bracket that hangs down. One of the days, when I can get off the road for work, I'll get around to taking some photos to share.

I'm running the BD LED tail light and Maier rear fender combo and it not only looks good but functions very well. I had an acerbis tail light and that thing really sucked. Dont wast your time.

goblin - did you have to trim the end of the fender for the BD tail light? You may have a different model than the one I used - it had a 1/8" lip that hung down and would have obstructed the tail light if I didn't trim it.

I use the Maier taillight, the Acerbis ones I've seen don't hold up to the vibration. You never know for sure if the thing is working (perfect for those jaunts on the highway :ride: ). Up front, the Acerbis Cyclops works great. The wiring is not plug and play on any of the aftermarket ones, that I've seen, but the wiring diagrams are easy to follow.

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