Baja this weekend

Any BRP'ers gonna be down? Ojos to mikes on friday and mikes to the finish(to ojos anyways) on saturday.

Valle T for two days at free pre run pit stop. Running it starting at 10 am Sat thru 5 pm Sunday. Steny :ride:

Valle T for two days at free pre run pit stop. Running it starting at 10 am Sat thru 5 pm Sunday. Steny :ride:

I must have come through Valle T too early. Our chase trucks were the only ones there. I did see a lot of Husky tape on the course. The first husky pit saved me from getting lost as I bypassed that right turn and then came back to it thinking it was odd to have a pit in the middle of a 100+mph section. I turned out my logic was right and the pit was at a slow 90 degree turn.

All Husky tape on course are Baja Huskys/ Baja Pits, pit locations for the 500. 10 pits total. Just got back myself from Valle T. Will be back down next weekend for Sat/Sun. Watched 6 or more racers vehicles and handed out Baja 500 race maps with pit locations on them. No outside repair help needed by anyone. Was set up directly across from Pemex Station with Baja Pits banner and Husqvarna EZ-UP tent. Good time, great weather and a slight breeze to boot. Steny :banana::ride:

I seen you set up. we were in the blue ford sitting in front of the pemex station, I was in need of some front brake pads, the honda shop ordered the rears and I didn't check before I left , and I tried to change them at the hotel the night before and they were the wrong ones anyway I opted to skip the mikes section due to the pads being down to the metal on one side, I was just curious if you guy's at the baja pits had any there , I sould have walked over and asked, and the husky tape also saved me from going the wrong way, and the other have of my crew ended up going down that 100mph dirt road for about 10miles before turning around, and btw did you see the local driving out of valley T with the dead dog still tied to the bumper draging it, all the years I have been down in mexico (15+yrs) and I think that was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen , just wondering if you guy's seen it also.

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