Dual sport kits?

Hi, I`m new to dual sports. Well I`m getting a xr650r "06" real soon and I need some info whats the best lighting kits(complete) for street use and why? I`m installing a Ricky Stator 200wt stator. I`m "uncorking the PIG" asap.Thanks :ride:

if you use the baja designs kit everything is included and you wont have to touch your stator

Heres the link to the kit Baja Desighs Duel Sport Kit

This is the one you want.

Look at your states requirements, all I had to do for Wyoming was wire in a brake circuit. I streeted my 650R for less than 50 bucks.

Look at your states requirements, all I had to do for Wyoming was wire in a brake circuit. I streeted my 650R for less than 50 bucks.

Great advise...I spent $$$ on the Baja Designs kit and wouldn't do it again. Good head light and nice tail light/brake light assembly. However, the flashers quit working, horn bracket broke, and the high beam indicator quit. I could have & should have gotten by with much less to plate here in Arizona.

So is the Electro or Trick dsk`s any better than Baja Designs? Thanks guys for the replys, Keep`um coming. Picking my bike up next week and I want to order the kit with bike. Here in Maine we need all the stuff, f/r lights/blinkers,brake light,dot tires :ride: )

Baja designs is the best one going, IMO.

Dont forget to order a second hydraulic brake switch so your brake lights will work w/ both front and rear brakes!

I've installed a BD kit on my 250 and "another" kit on my 650. Definitely recommend the BD kit. Although "other" kits may look attractive, technical service substantially lacks, making me wonder how follow through with parts availability and warranty would be.

The best DS kit, stator kit out there IMHO is Baja Designs and Ricky Stator! Ricky will go great distances to make sure things work out for you....even if you get creative.

I'm happy with the Electrosport kits on my bikes. Electrosport is a supplier to Honda who uses their kits for some of their factory dual sports.

i had the dakar electrex kit and the baja designs quick release kit and the bd kit blows the other one away. i am very please with the qualityh

The BD kit fits the bill if you must have all the DOT stuff. It comes complete and is easy to install.

Regarding my previous post: my expectations were probably too high with regards to the durability. I've gone 2,800 miles with the kit, of which at least 95% was off-road. My regrets are spending the money for the kit when I didn't need to in AZ. In fairness to BD, it not a bad kit.

Also, have your dealer install the kit prior to picking the bike up so he can title and plate it as street legal. Depending on the process in Maine, this could save you a hassle.

You can consider the BD kits to be another worthwhile investment in your bike, IMO.

Sure, there are plenty of states where you can get away with less than the kit, but have you ever looked at a used bike that was "rigged" for state legal? I wouldn't touch most of them with my money......

The BD kits are easily removed if you want to go back to stock or left on as an enhanced upgrade if you want to sell the bike "as is".

I seen some pretty sloppy wiring that really convince me to leave a certain bike behind.

Ditto on the Baja Designs kit. It's pretty solid. You may want to keep on hand some of the smaller pieces...turn signal relay, etc. They are susceptible to vibration, which a big thumper will always have plenty of! It's just something that comes with a street legal thumper.

Get an LED rear light, too. The regular bulbs on the brake light lose the filaments.


are you sure you need all the blinkers in maine? i have a friend in near by nh, and he only needed a headlight and brakelight/taillight, and horn. that kind of bare essentials can be done easily and look very professional.

i do agree with the other guy on people building there own kits alot of them look like crap but when you need blinkers and battery that adds alot more confusion to the wiring process.

:ride::busted: Thanks everybody I`m sold on the Baja Designs quick mount.... :banana:

Another option is to check out the Trick System.............it's expensive, but pure quality parts. You get the best out there for your money....at least in my opinion..................and the Dakar is nice too!!


Happy Riding !!


Looks like the BD kits rocks. That what I have.

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