Another Concern. Please Help.

I posted a few days ago about my Bike running hot and forcing coolant out the overflow tube. When it did so the engine began chattering worse than normal. Could it have been the piston making the noise trying to seize? I mean should I pull the top end and check it out, or do you think it's fine. It's just that's alot of work to do on a bike that's just 2 weeks old. Any Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

These things make a lot of noise! Put an aluminum skid plate on and you will think the thing is going to detinate! :banana: How much coolant boiled out? I wouldn't worry about it! Just ride! :busted::ride:


i assume it's coming out faster, the longer you watch it. once you shut the engine off, it should subside. right? don't let it idle long at all. get engine-ice, it'll help some. check your waterpump seal too. i had this problem with a crf450r and ended up putting a waterpump shaft and seals in it.

The Water Pump seal is fine checked it. I think the coolant level was just to high. It didn't boil out much at all. When I checked the coolant level it was the same as before. I was just concerned about if it might have damaged the piston and cylinder.

that's above me. if i remember correctly, mine started sounding funky too. more than the seal, it was the pump shaft that was scored and made some weird sounds.

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