Adjusting your sag...

Yes I am a idiot...

A friend and I were trying to adjust my sag on my 2000 XR650R and it was a byatch. I know it shouldn't be this hard (He just had his done by Barnum and he watched him do it and it looked easy supposedly). There are two rings on top of the coil that need to be screwed clockwise to raise the sag right? I had a punch that I hooked into the grooves and I took the hammer and tapped it.. nothing moved. Anyway kept trying and trying and nothing was changing. I got maybe a 1/8th a turn. I didn't take the tank or airbox off. I thought I might just be able to adjust it by sliding a metal rod in there and then tap it with a hammer so it will spin downwards.. Anyway like I said I'm a idiot...

Can someone help me out here? Maybe a link on how to do it correctly? I did a search on this 600/650 column and I couldn't find anything... HELP! :ride:

I've never adjusted an XR650, but it sounds like one ring is to lock the setting. Tap the top one CCW to loosen it, then adjust with the bottom one :ride:

I've never done a a 650R but have done a 650L, XR400R, and two CR500R's.

The top ring is a lock ring as mentioned above. Sometimes they have been

peened to lock them in place. As suggested, break the top ring CCW and the lower ring will probably turn freely. It's easier if the suspension is unloaded (on a center stand) and the threads on the shock aren't dirty. A shot of penetrating oil might also help. The CR's are easiest with the subframe removed.

I've read on here to loosen the lock ring and then grab the spring itself and turn that rather than the 2nd ring. Much easier it's said.

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