YZ Timing & Jetting

I checked all of the posts related to YZ timing and Jetting but, could not find:

I changed my timing to YZ spec. Now when the I open the trottle ( 1/2 to full open ) the motor burbbles (like it is too rich). I have the stock jetting. it sounds like the main jet - could be the needle also. What size main jet do I need?? or???


hey rocky; TRY THIS

i live out here in the desert also(apache junction) i ended up with a 165mj EKQ #4 needle 45pj paj set to ~80. i need to go back to a 42pj and things will be fine. you can try an EJP needle this is the stock YZ needle.

lets get together and ride some time.E-mail me at crazyloks@qwest.net

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