yz400f vs yz426

i was looking at both a yz400 and a yz426 i was just wondering how big of a diffrence there is between these bikes...any help will help me.

The 426 has a bit more displacement. Buy the newest bike you can afford.

I own both, and it is a coin toss (42 yr old, intermediate rider). The 400 startes easier, is more tractable since it has less hit, but the 426 is a touch faster and pulls longer. Take a look at some recent mags, they had dyno charts and comments about many bikes and they show the 400 was pretty darn powerful and ez to ride even compared to today's bikes. 426 feels 20 pounds lighter but it is about the same. If you are strictly mx, get 426, play and trails, 400 (steel valves = reliability). Mix of both, 400. Good luck and I'm selling my 400f, see classifieds... Good Luck.

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