Stripped frame oil bolt - re-tap SCARED

My bro has an 2005 YZ450f and has a stripped out oil plug on the frame. The thing goes finger tight but with a little turn of a wrench it will spin to finger loose. :ride:

Here is the question at hand...what is the right way of fixing it? Does he re-tap to a bigger size? Or try some type of thread repair Helix???

Of course the biggest issue is metal shavings dropping into the frame while re-tapping...if that happens how do you flush the oil without running it through the motor.

Thanks for the help.


I would use a helicoil if the hole is messed up, but you may just need a new bolt. A bit of grease on a tap will keep most of the shavings from falling into the frame. :ride:

Here is the drill. use a helicoil, drill slow, grease the tap and run some oil through it you will be just fine.


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