Xr628 ? Reliable

How reliable is the upgrade. I'm looking at a 600 with a 628 kit. The bike has a xr 400 cooler on it.



Like a rock

Had a '97 628 for a couple of years, Yosh exhaust, Edelbrock carb, f*****g rocket, never had a problem.

Great motor, 4th and 5th gear rev to the moon. Stay with the regular compression piston, the high comp is easy to stall in tight tricky stuff. I had the HRC kit.

The XR donk is reliable until you really modify the heck out of it. Just a big-bore kit and maybe a different muffler wont hurt, but bikes that are heavily modified with a warm cam, porting, pumper carbs as well as a 628 kit are getting to the point where the big-end bearing/rod and tranny cant handle the HP.

If I remember right the HRC kit had a gear(primary?) that got changed out to.

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