What's under there?

Well maybe I am riding this bike too conservatively(not constantly dumping the clutch and wto) but when I pop wheelies I cover alot of ground before the front comes up. I have been told this bike has a race cam and porting plus I put on a Q. My wrench told me there is a flywheel weight and that would explain the greenish blue spacer. Now I will explain the title. Can I just lay my bike down on the passenger side, pop the cover and spacer off, and yank off the flywheel weight? What's under(or should I say in) there?.

?????? ummm ok. seems like when u do a wheelie your tire would come up exactly when you want it to, which is right at the moment you decide to do one.

what does that have to do with a heavier flywheel? btw it give's you more torque which should make it easier to pull wheelies.

you should also supply the bike yr & model for ppl. there isnt a weight in the flywheel, the flywheel is just heavier, you need to buy the stock one if you want a lighter one. i could be wrong, but thats my understanding.

I think I know what you mean. Sometimes the fron just won't some up when you want it to. I think that has more to do with engine RPM's than the flywheel weight. On my bike, the middle of the rpm range is right where the meat is. instant wheelies. could also be a jetting issue.

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