Rear Shock Spring on 650R

Hey there fella's, I've been riding my new 650R and all I've got to say is what a beast! I've owned about 20 different bikes and this is by far the best I've owned. 450x is next on my list. I love this bike however have found the limits of the rear suspension already. I'm a rather agressive trail rider with many roots, rocks, and mud typical of the northeast as my ballfield.

What I need is some suggestions on buying a stiffer rate rear spring and where do I find one? I weigh in at a hefty 320Lbs and 6'2" and as mentioned above do ride hard in the woods. Ride height does not effect me much. Please help.

Thanks, Adam :ride:

You need at least 12.0 KG Try Race Tech :ride:

I had the suspension on my 2001 CR500R done by a company in Seabrook, Texas called EBR. I too haul around 350 + pounds and they had some custom springs made for me (both fork and rear shock). I know they use Eibach springs but not sure if this is who makes the custom springs or not. You may want to contact EBR and ask them if they can recommend a company closer to you, a company to supply you the springs, or if you could order through them (281) 326-6686.

The CR suspension is amazing since they tuned it. Even with my excessive load, it will suck up hard hits and not bottom out. Also, the suspension is plush at speed through rhythm sections.

I have a XR400R I bought from my neighbor who had EBR do the suspension on it before I bought it from him. The handling on the XR is what prompted me to have them do the CR. The XR sucks up everything trails throw at it and it's truly like a Cadillac at speed. Sorry to sound like a commercial for them but I've been nothing but happy with their work. I'm going to have them do the '87 CR500R next. :ride:

Is there any other options for springs out there. I looked at race tech and eibach, however would like a few more choices. Thanks for the replies.

I buy my springs at Lindemann Engineering: (408)371-6151 520 McGlincey Ln. #3 Campbell, CA

They have some real stiff springs.

If you are into fixing the suspension these pages might help you get started in the right direction. You would need more rebound control for such a big spring. If you need help let me know.

XR650R Fork Page :ride:

XR650R Shock Page :banana:

On the shock page there is links to complete step by step on how to rebuild.


All about the XR650R :busted:

Is there any other options for springs out there. I looked at race tech and eibach, however would like a few more choices. Thanks for the replies.

Good luck... I could barely find the Eibach's in stock anywhere. XRsOnly had them and I had good luck getting the right part in a reasonable amount of time.... (see several threads on XRsOnly for the possible issues there). I think the TT store has them too. The Eibach seems better finish than the stock so I'm not sure you could find any better, especially for the price.

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