Frame Guards

Were can you get the plastic frame guards i need a set for my wifes TTR250 1999,don't seem to be able find them in plastic.


Originally posted by monty wilson:

Were can you get the plastic frame guards i need a set for my wifes TTR250 1999,don't seem to be able find them in plastic.


Hey Monty, Thanks for the tour on New Years. I see a lot of neat stuff every time out with you guys. This time I even saw what a train wreck looks like when done with motorcycles. Glad no one was hurt. UP.

Maier Plastic makes Universal frame gaurds that might fit. Acerbis also makes plastic frame gaurds.

Hay uplate, we went to elkins last weekend and aother got wipped out, not bad but a short day for him[chuck] he lays out the enduro up there,he did a hearder on a down hill and the bike taged him.


Monty, I am going to have to get three motorcycles to ride as much as you do. I am still trying to repair my 400 from new years. Would like to ride with you at Elkins Flat some day soon. A friend of mine that lives near there and I have a few "personal trails" also. Lots of fun. Se ya soon.

I think it will be a while before we can ride up there with all the new snow.We are going to death vally on the 10th of feb, to ride in the sun shine you need to be daul sport for this ride,we will stage out of a place called long srteet thats 25 miles south of Beaty NV,lost of old towns and mining trails,canyon and hot springs.When the snow melt we will put a ride on at elkins or gerogetown,that should be about the end of feb.


Thanks for the info on the frame guards.


Monty i talked to Bill about the snow issue and he said that there wasn't any at the Flying W and to come on up :)

Hows Chuck doing I saw him at one of the checks on Sunday at Prairy City didn't get a chance to talk to him though. Slow Jim raced also finished and had a great time.

muddied, huge

No snow ? ok then lets put a ride on for georgetown the 27th?, can't go this weekend got the D-36 dinner and awards sat the 20th let me know.Hay huge how did the new bike work out.


Don't know yet i couldn't bring myself to riding it at Prairy city with all the mud and rocks so i took o'l blue and gave her a real work out!! Noticed that I've got oil leaking from one of the return lines where it is welded to the frame probably from the head on at Stony, so it looks like i'm going to park her for awhile until i get her patched up. So you are going to the dinner how far is it from your house i would like to go too can you get tickets at the door? Its at the ulatis center or something like that right?

the 426 looks great with yellow backgrounds and black #125 on it :)

hungry, huge

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