New BRP pricing anyone? xr650r

Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows of a good deal on a new brp. I have an 01 that has been worked like a rented mule and never even sneezed. I'd like to buy another new one and keep this one around.

If anyone has a line on some holdovers or just a great deal on a new one, let me know. I feel sorry for the other guys' post who was misled by the dealer in Mo.

Live in Utah but would drive a ways for the right deal


The Honda site suggests $6299. Do some wheelin' n' dealin' or trade in to get them down. Go around to mulitple dealers and see if they will match another dealers price. Keep doing that to see how low they will go. I got my brand new Foreman 450 for $5600...retail was $6300.

Around here MSRP total price OTD is pretty good

Carbon Emery Honda has always been the cheapest for me on new bikes. They will also put a minimal plate kit on for a couple of hundred bucks.

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